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Arthur and Guinevere - Opposites Attract


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OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!   Fun pairs of one split skein!  The idea behind these pairs is to get a pair of socks  whose colorway has reversed itself.  One sock will have a large area of a main color with other smaller accent  colors.  The alternate sock is just reversed as in one of the accent colors used in the first sock will be the main color with smaller accent colors.  I am hoping that the pictures make this more clear.  

My understanding is that Kind Arthur and Guinevere were a solid item until that cad Sir Lancelot happened along and stole her away.  Pretty much put a screeching halt to the kingdom.  I wanted the colors to be royal, but it's hard to say what was and what wasn't in that time period so I let my imagination run.

The beautiful knitting is by Susan Miller


The Opposites Attract are made from the same wonderful base yarn as our Achilles which is 80/20 merino/ nylon fingering weight. Two mini skeins, 200 yds each, 400 yds for the pair, 100 grams total

Because of the type of wash that is used, this yarn is slightly scented.  Please contact me if you need an unscented order.