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Triplets -  Same Fabulous fiber as our Achilles, 80/20 fine merino and nylon.  Three mini skeins of 200 yards, 50 grams each, making a total of 600 yards total.  7-8 stitches / inch, size 1-2.5 US.  This line is targeted for lacemakers and garment makers that want to truly create works of wearable art and have artistic license to do just that with color in a variety of choices. 
Many of these will be played off of existing Opposites Attracts, some will be new creations, all will be glorious and unapologetic color!  They are ONLY sold in triplet combinations in the mini skeins located in the Triplet section of the Category Finger ing Weight. 
If you find that you need more yardage, all the colorways are available for purchase in the Achilles section of Fingering Weight Category as individual skeins only. Currently the Triplets are being created as the newest addition to Barking Dog Yarns.  If you see something in the Opposites Attract line that you would like to see become a Triplet, please call 559-301-7077 or drop me a line at and I will expedite the production to include your choice.

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