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Bianca and Mick - Opposites Attract


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Bianca and Mick - as in Jagger - as in The Rolling Stones for those not privy to the 60's.  I still rock out to the Stones and have them loaded on my iPod.  I like these colors for this couple.  Mick was always OUT there, bad boy, on the edge, brash like brass, hence the gold and Bianca was dark and mysterious and gorgeous, like Royal purple.

Opposites Attract!!  Fun pairs of one split skein!  The idea behind these pairs is to get a pair of socks  whose colorway has reversed itself.  One sock will have a large area of a main color with other smaller accent  colors.  The alternate sock is just reversed as in one of the accent colors used in the first sock will be the main color with smaller accent colors.  I am hoping that the pictures make this more clear. The fiber of these pairs is the same wonderful, high twist yarn as our Achilles Blend which is 80/20 merino / nylon  superwash. 400 Yards for the pair, 100 grams total.  7-8 sts, size 1-2 needle US