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Pete and Chippie's Magic - Achilles


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ACHILLES– Which is available in any of the colorways you might see in other  yarns on the site,  is a hard wearing sock yarn made from a soft merino/nylon blend , 80/20.  The look is identical to our 100% merino sock yarn,  which means it’s squishy and with the identical twist.  A generous 400 yards, 100 grams, 7-8 stitches to the inch.  Superwash.   If you would like a different  colorway than what is shown, just drop me a line via our contact page and we can fix you right up.

The story behind this color way bears mentioning. MissFrances' (her RAVatar) says that when her son Pete's college buddies were chasing Poke'Mon, he was walking to support the Mid Dakota No Kill Shelter where he volunteers. He gives his comforters and blankets to the new dogs as they come in.  There is one little Chihuahua named chppie that arrived at the shelter at eight years old and had never had any human contact. Pete has been working with for four years. Pete says "she no longer bares her teeth at me, but still cringes when I move to touch her", so they just sit side by side.  So, so, sad, chances are that she will never be adopted.

Update:  The latest news is that Chippie has been adopted by one of the shelter staff and has received a Forever home.

For every skein of yarn sold, $ 5.00 will be sent to the Mid Dakota No Kill Shelter.